About TruthSpeak

Welcome to the TruthSpeak Project.

TruthSpeak is a place to share deep stories of desire, intimacy, spirituality, sex and what it means to be a woman.

Because sharing brings us freedom from isolation and shame and invites us into sisterhood.

The stories are not sexualized, although they may be sexy.

I started TruthSpeak Project with this belief:
Women are deep, emotional and spiritual beings. Our sexuality and identity as women has deep roots and connects to all other areas of our life: our confidence in the world, our role as mothers, our role as healers, our treatment of our bodies, our treatment of the earth, the way we create, the way we consume, the way we relate to our partners, the way we relate to everyone, the way we live.

That said, we are all so different.

We all have such unique childhoods, bodies, personalities and sexual desires. Many of us have experiences where we feel that uniqueness and wonder: “Am I alone?” When we share our deeply personal stories, our experiences, our questions, our doubts, many of us feel self conscious and only share with a few trusted friends. But sometimes those friends have never experienced what we have. So while they can lend an ear, they can’t really empathize or give advice.

What would happen if we would all share those deep, personal stories? The ones that feel terrifying to share? The ones that are rattling the cages of our insides, crying to be let out? I believe we would all be freer, lighter and more ready to love ourselves and one another. 

TruthSpeak project is a nonjudgemental, egalitarian circle for anyone who identifies as a woman to share her story. Men are encouraged to read (we applaud and love and appreciate you), but for now, this sharing circle is only open to ladies.

My hope is this, that in this sharing, we can discover that no, you are not alone. We can expand our ideas of what is “normal.” We can find deeper insight into one another and foster deep appreciation for those who are like us and those who are very different.

In deep love and truth,